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As a human; I thrive on connections, as an artist; I cherish my freedom, as a citizen of the world; I try to stay focused in the effort to maintain both. For more see the "tiny bio" page.


It felt so good to yell about the injustice-

I didn’t think for a moment about you sitting beside me feeling like it was directed at you until you rose rapidly from your comfortable pose.

I had relinquished control of the angry mare and she was crashing around the paddock.

One hoof jammed into the water trough.
The fresh, sullied by the muck festering behind the shoe.
An avalanche of anatomy thrashing to the sawdust and powdered earth.

Too late, she struck her cheek on the gate.
Wild eyes calmed by blood and bone,
Marrow loosed into muscle.

Ring of Fire
The things we do for love…

Nauseous Realization:
That trusted soul has come to clear the spent flesh and dung.

Leg lame, she struggles to stand.

Walking? Where? And why.

The furrier is gone.

Shuffleton’s Barbershop, “A Way Back Home”

Still from the Set
Still from the Set

A Way Back Home – About the Movie | Hallmark Movie Channel

Filmed under the working title “Shuffleton’s Barbershop” after the Norman Rockwell painting that inspired it… I had a great time on this project, and hope you all enjoy watching the story unfold. If you have been around the independent film scene or professional theatre in NC, you will certainly recognize some of the names, faces, and locales in this family friendly slice of the American storybook that has become part of the Hallmark tradition.

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Anomalous Travels

Anomalous Travels ~ Solo Show

April 4-30, 2014 at Ember Gallery.

Jennifer’s first solo show in Winston-Salem since 2009, “Anomalous Travels” combines specially requested works created in the first two years at Delurk Gallery with a number of new works created specifically for this solo effort. In addition Ember will be screening Jennifer’s recent video collaborations.


690 North Trade Street

WSNC 27101

Knot Portraits; Friction at Work

Featured Artist Showing, June 7-29, 2013The Artist
Knot Portraits; Friction at Work is a new collection of works connected to one another by rope, cord, line, sinew, and cable. There is no way of knowing when or in how many places the idea of holding or joining things with rope first occurred in the development of human technology, but it is certain that knots and the materials they may be tied in are essential to life as we know it and that they harness friction to do their work.

Jennifer is a Delurk member artist, scenic designer, lighting designer, and art director; Texas native, and Winston-Salem devotee has spent her life pursuing performance related design while constantly and compulsively producing intimate scale drawings and large paintings in the spaces of time between film assignments and theater productions.

New Year, New Format

jennimusing is now on Tumblr

available at Delurk Gallery though January 2013
Rock Drawing #J-0619

Why? I’m combining Musing is Free and Art About Town into a single feed and establishing an easier way to update folks on my visual artwork specifically. Over the years, I’ve started several blogs and need to bring my various feeds into focus.

Delurk Gallery is now a full-time preoccupation that necessitates this change, so Musing is Free and Art About Town will become a single personal point of view blog (musing is free) covering all sorts of creative expression and the new Tumblr feed will be dedicated to studio art, specifically my own.

I’ll be interlinking these blogs with each other and with other relevant websites and blogs so please continue to check in to see what’s happening and please, don’t hesitate to comment!

National Delurking week is January 14-21 so chime in!