New Year, New Format

jennimusing is now on Tumblr

available at Delurk Gallery though January 2013
Rock Drawing #J-0619

Why? I’m combining Musing is Free and Art About Town into a single feed and establishing an easier way to update folks on my visual artwork specifically. Over the years, I’ve started several blogs and need to bring my various feeds into focus.

Delurk Gallery is now a full-time preoccupation that necessitates this change, so Musing is Free and Art About Town will become a single personal point of view blog (musing is free) covering all sorts of creative expression and the new Tumblr feed will be dedicated to studio art, specifically my own.

I’ll be interlinking these blogs with each other and with other relevant websites and blogs so please continue to check in to see what’s happening and please, don’t hesitate to comment!

National Delurking week is January 14-21 so chime in!