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Rest and reflection

I hope to begin regular entries in the weeks ahead.

This is to be the first post connecting this blog to my Instagram feed. If you are interested in the instamatic effect of smart phones on our visual dialogue, perhaps you will download Instagram and add to the visual stream.

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Spring Shock

This spring is bringing with it a host of new activities, many spawned by the departure of an artist and the reflections on making and connecting that have happened the the wake of the memorial service.

We decided to make our home a more inviting place. There are many tasks to be accomplished toward that end. The first: stem the flow of water around the foundation wall into our basement. The second: establish a garden that gives us reason to be in the yard and spend time cooking together this summer.

The result is a kitchen garden with raised beds and corrected drainage on the southeast side of the house right off the kitchen. The water flow has been redirected into the yard, and it is truly a pleasure to behold.

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