Anomalous Travels

Anomalous Travels ~ Solo Show

April 4-30, 2014 at Ember Gallery.

Jennifer’s first solo show in Winston-Salem since 2009, “Anomalous Travels” combines specially requested works created in the first two years at Delurk Gallery with a number of new works created specifically for this solo effort. In addition Ember will be screening Jennifer’s recent video collaborations.


690 North Trade Street

WSNC 27101

One thought on “Anomalous Travels”

  1. Love reading your musings and seeing what you are doing, my cherished and amazing daughter!
    Sharing this life of art and appreciation for God’s authorship of all creation and creativity has been one of my life’s greatest blessings! You are a gift, not only to me and your dad, but also to many whose lives you touch!❤️
    So glad you had a good birthday!

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