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Some people want to know a little of one’s personal history.

As a human; I thrive on connections, as an artist; I cherish my freedom, as a citizen of the world; I try to stay focused in the effort to maintain both.
A native of Fort Worth, Texas, I began the informal study of the visual arts at an early age. My mother, Jill Bush, is a wonderful painter and teacher. My father, a landscape architect who may wish to remain semi-anonymous, introduced me to drafting, surveying, longterm planning (landscape architecture in practice is as much about knowing what will happen in 10 years as it is about the instant gratification of a well executed design) and the art of xeriscape by allowing me to help him in his business in the Fort Worth Dallas area. I was introduced to the idea of public art and live theatre in elementary school by my teacher, Barbara Yankee who helped me and my parents navigate the public school system to have the best teachers and opportunities on offer throughout my pre-college education, and I had cleaver dance teachers find ways for me to work at area theatres to earn access to classes as early as age 10. Dozens of people contributed to my belief that an art career was possible.
captures the essence of Texas summers at the ranch...
This oil painting by my mother captures the essence of Texas summers at the ranch…
Art and academic scholarships enabled me to study with many wonderful artists in the great state of Texas eventually earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Sculpture at the University of Texas at Arlington. After apprenticing under lighting designer Kraig Aaronson, I earned an MFA in Scenic Design at University of North Carolina, School of the Arts in 1993 and have operated a professional scenic painting studio in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina since 1998 which keeps me engaged in the learning process while affording me ample studio space during the slow season.
Recently I was advised to list my accomplishments. 
I love what I do and am challenged at every turn. I not only love, but have a deep appreciation for my family and friendships. We support and enrich each other in ways I never imagined as a child. These personal connections are my most important accomplishments.
It seems odd to list awards and milestones in this venue.
To learn more about my design work you can check out okdsmuse.com, Linked In, and the other links on my “elsewhere” page.
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